Hello everybody. After purchasing my domain name about 12 years ago (like a bad gym membership) I have FINALLY taken the plunge and got to grips with sorting out my website. Obviously, from this you would assume that time management is not one of my strengths but I have in those 12 years, set up, ran (and sold) a successful deli/catering business in London then moved to Kent where I helped oversee/manage the start-up of a new, now thriving restaurant business. So I am not going to make any more excuses but suffice to say – now is my moment, when I have a little more time on my hands to indulge in such luxuries as this.

The site with be pretty much divided into three categories:- Eat well, Travel far and Laugh often. A few simple words which sum up my life. There will be recipes, there will be travel suggestions and recommendations and there will be little life snippets which are encountered along the way and tell you about me, my friends, my family.

I hope you enjoy reading and feel free to offer feedback and input. It’s been a long time coming so let’s make it worthwhile!

Julie x