This is the most delicious sourdough loaf made by my big sister Rita. She is as competitive as I am and when she sets her mind to start something new she goes for it big time and wants to be the very best. She loved sourdough bread but couldn’t find anything really good, near where she lived –┬áso she decided to make her own. Searching the internet she read about E5 bakehouse and booked herself onto one of their day courses.

Returning home with her precious starter and bannetons, she vowed to make at least one loaf a day and has pretty much stuck to her word ever since. She started life as a lab technician and understands the precision needed when baking (although cakes fail her bizarrely) so this loaf turns out perfectly every time.

A chewy crust, typical of sourdough, with a hint of rye makes this bread truly delicious. Needless to say there are always friends and family waiting for the next one to come out of the oven.

I think we owe to E5 not to share the recipe here but to encourage you all to attend one of their fabulous classes – you won’t regret it. In the meantime I’m off to have a slice toasted with thick salted butter…..